Will I have the same housekeeper every week?

The housekeeper introduced to you will, subject to your acceptance, will be your regular housekeeper. Should your housekeeper take a holiday or become unwell, we will provide you with a relief housekeeper from our register where possible.

Will the housekeeper be local/know me?

Housekeepers work in towns and villages close to their homes, however we do all that we can to ensure that no prior acquaintance exists between you and the housekeeper.

Can I change my regular housekeeper?

We hope that we match you with the housekeeper best suited to your needs; however if you wish to change your housekeeper we will work quickly to allocate a replacement.

What tasks will the housekeeper undertake?

Housekeepers are able to perform most of the usual tasks within the home, including ironing and those ‘on rotation’ jobs such as cleaning skirting boards and washing the inside of windows.

I have pets; will this be a problem?

As part of our allocation process we ensure that a customer with pets in the home is provided with a housekeeper who is comfortable working with animals. The housekeeper will be given the opportunity to meet your pets whilst you are home and you will be able to discuss any particular requirements they may have.

Do you provide insurance for the housekeeper?

We provide public liability insurance cover for each housekeeper, with a maximum payout of £2,000,000.

Will the housekeeper use my own cleaning products?

We have found that customers have their favourite cleaning products and appliances for the tasks around their homes. Therefore housekeepers use the cleaning products and equipment provided by the customer. Housekeepers will recommend any products which they have found particularly helpful.